Craft Donations

What is it?

Here at the hive we have a variety of crafting roles to suit your skills and talents. Each item you donate will go to good causes both in the city and further abroad. These roles are a brilliant way to hone your crafting skills whilst being able to donate your creations so they do not end up cluttering up your house!

Who can do it?

Literally anyone! The only skills you need for this role are your own crafting talents and access to a supply of crafting products.

How does it work?

Once you have registered for the role you are interested in, you will be updated monthly with good news stories and information to inspire your own crafting journey. We also set up a social every three to four months along with our donation date so you can come and meet like-minded people and show off your fabulous creations!

We are also looking for crafters who would like to join a creative group where you can learn and teach your own skills to other crafters.

So if you would like to help a good cause or would like to join like minded volunteers we have a variety of roles below that will suit you!


Knit to Help Seafarers

Stella Maris is the largest ship-visiting network in the world. Whilst visiting the people on board their ships, it became apparent that the seafarers are often ill-equipped to deal with the cold conditions they find onboard. Our volunteer knitters provide invaluable support for seafarers by helping them to keep warm. We are looking for knitters or crochet crafters who can make woolly hats, fingerless mittens and balaclavas.

Opportunity – Hive Portsmouth


Menstrual Pad making for the Pachamama Project

The Pachamama Project is a lockdown story, born out of a desire to do something good in a time of bad news and worrying press conferences. Our washable pads are easy to make and make a huge difference to people already facing unimaginable daily challenges. Having your period should not be one of those challenges. We need crafty volunteers to create the menstrual pads that will then be shipped of as care packages to help women in under privileged countries.

Opportunity – Hive Portsmouth


Card Making for children in Hospitals and Hospices

Could you create and send a card for children living in Hospitals and Hospices? We are collecting cards for Cards for Bravery, an organisation dedicated to brightening the days of seriously ill children in hospitals and hospices. We are looking for creative people to create and write cards for children to brighten their day

Opportunity – Hive Portsmouth


Crochet Turtles/ Whales/ Sea creatures

We require people to assist us in making sea creatures. These creatures need to have stomachs that we can either, fill with plastic pieces and reach inside the mouth to put in and out or have the whole stomach being able to be removed and opened up to show the plastic. These creatures can be made to any size at all. We would love them to be big enough that a group of children can see easily if they are sitting a few rows back from us. However, we do not mind at all what size they are, as long as the whales are not life size! They can be any colour and have any designs on them as long as they can be used to represent plastic that is inside of our sealife.

Opportunity – Hive Portsmouth


Crochet Water Balloons

We need crochet water balloons so that we can use them at our eco clubs, beach schools, workshops and events. We want to educate children about plastic pollution and we are sure the best way to do that is by having fun. We are using this opportunity to make children smile and in ways that are good for the planet. We need the balloons to be around the size of the palm of a persons hand. They can be any colour at all and there is no set pattern unless you can find one on the internet. We would be so grateful for our help and maybe the children will then want to crochet their own balloons for home so they don’t use plastic balloons anymore.

Opportunity – Hive Portsmouth


Making Hedgehog & Bug Houses

We are aiming to make hedgehog and bug houses for every school possible. We want to create habitats for wildlife that are in need in our ever growing cities whilst educating children that local animals are endangered and need our help.

You will be required to make hedgehog houses out of wood and stained with protective paint so they will not rot away too quickly outside. This stain/paint must be safe for animals and can be purchased from any hardware shop. The roof should be on an angle and water proofed so again it lasts longer outside. Designs for hedgehog homes are available online but all we are expecting is the most simplest of homes. Unless you feel like making a hedgehog mansion!

Opportunity – Hive Portsmouth