School Readers

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Reading is an essential life skill and can improve children’s knowledge, vocabulary and memory.

The last two years have had a big impact on children’s learning, meaning that many have fallen behind with their reading skills. With your help, you could give children more time each week to read on a one to one basis, which they need and deserve to have. 



You do not need to be a qualified teacher or have any special qualifications. You do need to be reliable, read well and can speak fluent English. You enjoy reading and spending time with children.  



We ask that you can commit to at least one session every week, per term. Each shift lasts around 2 hours. There is flexibility around which shift you can do each week, you do not have to do the same day or time every week. You will be able to choose your shifts using our online system.



Schools are Portsmouth based. We are working hard to expand the number of schools to work with.  



You can apply via our website or pop into our drop in service to apply. We will complete reference checks and DBS, which is paid for by the Hive. 


What will I be doing? 

You will be allocated children for each shift and you will sit and listen to them read their book of choice. You will discuss the book with them to ensure that they have understood what they have read. You will likely record some comments in their reading book.  


What do we need from you?

You will attend an informal interview, where you will be asked to complete an application form. 

You will be required to provide two references and complete a DBS. We ask for you to complete two training modules and an induction. We ask that you can commit to the role and training when you apply. 


The benefits

Helping children gain confidence and independent readers


Pupils benefit by developing a positive relationship with volunteers who will support them with their reading. 


When you become a school reader, you are providing the school with a valuable way of improving the attainment of underperforming pupils, offering rewarding one-to-one reading time, which schools may be unable to offer themselves.

You will feel proud, knowing that you are making a real difference in a child’s life by helping them to develop their literacy and interpersonal skills. 

You will be able to add this to your CV.