How to get involved

What is Employer Supported Volunteering?

Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) is all forms of volunteering that is carried out by employees, supported by their employer. Many companies across the UK assist their employees who volunteer, or provide schemes which encourage them to volunteer. This may be formal, or informally agreed with line managers, and can form part of a larger Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. This Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) can be given in various forms, including:

  • being able to leave work half an hour early one day a week to attend a meeting – either through flexible hours or time off in lieu schemes
  • having limited free use of the work photocopier or telephone
  • using the printer to print out letters to parents
  • extra time off, sometimes paid, during the school holidays for youth camps, or days out
  • providing a room for a community group to meet
  • helping to fundraise
  • recognition in company magazine or newsletter
  • How does Employer Supported Volunteering benefit companies?

Did you know that 80 per cent of employers who have volunteer-friendly policies feel that ESV benefits their company?  Employees who volunteer bring a wide range of skills and experience gained through volunteering to their job. Supporting employees who volunteer can be a cost effective way for employers to develop the transferable and ‘soft’ skills of their workforce, without paying for training.

According to a Time-Bank Employer Attitude Survey (Continental Research July 2004), 68% of employers feel that volunteering can add skills to their workforce, and 43% think that employees who undertake voluntary work and learn new skills have a better chance of promotion and earning a higher salary.

Employer Supported Volunteering can also boost performance and morale by engaging employees in something they are passionate about. It raises job satisfaction. ESV can also add value to the image of the company, by involving them in the community.

Hold a Volunteer Fair

We can also help you get your staff involved; if you have the space to invite different charities to come into your offices you could hold a volunteer fair! Employees can come down on their lunch break and look at different ways they can get involved.

Need More Information

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