Youth Volunteering

Volunteering is not boring!

Volunteers don’t just sit in offices filling in forms or taking elderly people for a walk around the garden (although we do have volunteers who do both those things – and enjoy it). Volunteers also have:

  • Jumped out of a plane and experienced the extreme high adrenaline thrill of skydiving 3,000 feet to raise money for charity
  • Visited places like Nepal, Machu Pichu, the Sahara Desert and other exotic places
  • Run, cycled, walked, danced, walked across hot coals, ridden motorbikes and much more – all as part of various fund-raising activities.

There are thousands of opportunities and there are things that you are passionate about and you can do to make a difference.

For example, you could:

  • Coach a local football team
  • Do someone’s shopping
  • Be a sports commentator
  • Design a charity’s website
  • Walk someone’s dog
  • Help plant trees.

Ok, so we all know you are going to get the ‘feel good’ factor out of volunteering, but what else can you get?

  • Learn skills that can be included on your CV; many employers now ask what volunteering you have done on their job application forms including the Police, the Fire Service and the Armed Forces
  • Gain the confidence that will nurture your leadership skills and give your self-esteem a boost
  • Get trained to do things that will stay with you for the rest of your life; in some cases this includes accreditation.

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