What we will need from your organisation is:

A description of the volunteering role including details about when, how often, and where the volunteering role will take place.

Full contact information for your organisation, including details about who will be supervising the volunteers.

An agreement with Portsmouth Volunteering Centre that your organisation is committed to good practice in the management of volunteers. By signing up you are confirming that you have read and agree to our terms and

These include:

  • managing all volunteer enquiries, within three working days of receipt, and applications through the use of the Portsmouth Volunteering Centre Dashboard;
  • providing an adequate description for each of the volunteering opportunities that you post through the Service which shall include but not be limited to following information a named manager/supervisor, and any special requirements or skills;
  • ensuring that volunteers do not replace paid staff.  All roles should create or enhance an existing function in a way that would not happen without volunteers;
  • the fair and transparent selection and recruitment of volunteers; any and all training that the volunteers will require to successfully participate in the opportunity;
  • ensuring that there is appropriate insurance cover in place for the volunteers whilst undertaking the published opportunity;
  • carrying out any appropriate security clearance checks, or other clearance that may be required by the volunteer to successfully participate in the published opportunity;
  • and the welfare and safe working practices of the volunteer whilst the volunteer is undertaking the published opportunity

Importantly, to provide feedback to the Portsmouth Volunteering Centre about any volunteers signposted to you!  This assists us with keeping accurate records for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

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