Value You

Value You Volunteer Recognition Card

  • A discount card for people that volunteers for hospitals, hospices, charities, Community Groups and Public Services
  • Free marketing for businesses on web page – absolutely no charges, catches, contracts or fees

ValueYou is a simple idea for helping local businesses to support volunteering in their communities.

  • ValueYou gives a discount card to volunteers.
  • We then ask local businesses to give these volunteers a discount.
  • It also gives free publicity to local businesses and encourages local customers to shop with them.
  • Businesses of all types have already joined.

It is a great way to give back to your local communities in this way, and at the same time you get the benefit of some free promotion.

A win-win situation for volunteers, businesses and local communities


How do volunteers know which businesses are taking part?

Businesses get their own free page on our website and added to the maps and lists we give to volunteers. We will also provide a window sticker and a small display card.

Do businesses need to sign a contract? Are there any charges?

There is no contract and you can stop taking part at any time. We use a good will agreement to make sure businesses, the volunteers and ValueYou are clear about how the scheme works. But there are no charges or fees of any kind. ValueYou is a charity and don’t make any money from you joining the scheme. We are supported by charitable grants.

What discount businesses need to offer?

To join the scheme businesses need to offer a 10% discount or more. This should be on all purchases but doesn’t need to include any existing offers or discounts. There are some very limited exclusions businesses can make from the discount.

Are there other ways businesses can help?

Some business owners are very keen to support volunteering and hundreds of businesses that join the scheme also donate gift vouchers to volunteers as their way of saying a special thank you. They usually donate one gift a month and each volunteer gets to choose which one they would like when they join. Gifts depend on the type of business. Cafes might offer tea and cake for a volunteer for example.

How do businesses join?

Just email or call ValueYou and we can register your details and add you to the website:  or  07585 961 240