Frequently Asked Questions



Who can volunteer?

Anyone can! There are lots of different ways people can volunteer their time, no matter your ability or confidence level! You can volunteer as much or as little as you wish, and some roles might have age restrictions or DBS checks, but there is always something for everyone. If you don’t see what you’re after, contact us and we can help find you a great role!


What is Together in HIVE Portsmouth?

Formally Portsmouth Together, we are a non-profit volunteer recruitment team, part of HIVE Portsmouth. We advertise different volunteering roles in and around Portsmouth on behalf of other non-profit organisations and groups.

When you register one of our advisors can help you find the right volunteering role, even if you are unsure what you want! For more info, click here.

Feel free to have a look what roles are on offer!


You don’t have any roles I want on your website, is there anything else?

All of our active roles are available for you to see. If there is nothing you’re interested in, feel free to email us what you’re looking for as we might be able to find a position just for you!


Will I get paid? Are my expenses covered?

You will not get paid, however some roles will re-compensate you for your expenses (food and travel). This varies with each organisation so please check the role carefully.


I don’t have a lot of time, can I still volunteer?

Yes! There are lots of one-off opportunities and small things that can be done to help out. We update our website periodically with different ways to help out, or apply for our One-Off Volunteering Opportunity to be added to our mailing list.


I’m on benefits, can I still volunteer?

You are still able to volunteer, however there are some rules you need to be aware of. For the most up-to-date information please check the government website.


I would like to donate some items, can you help me?

Yes! We have a whole page here letting you know who accepts what!


I still need help, can I come in person to talk to someone?

Visit us on the ground floor of Portsmouth Central Library Monday – Thursday  10am – 4pm And Fridays 10-2pm



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