Hazel a one off event volunteer for Hive Portsmouth

Hazel a one off event volunteer for Hive Portsmouth


What inspired you to volunteer? 

When I finished teaching I had a period when I didn’t want to plan anything. But then after a few months I wanted some kind of organisation in my life. It was then I enquired about various options.


What volunteering do you do and who with?

I am now volunteering via The Portsmouth Hive and options they give us. I have chosen to do one offs as I have 4 grandchildren who fill my life. In the past I volunteered at the Portchester Hub working with the shop, and the many events they ran. In lockdown I worked with the Hive and the NHS to deliver the vaccinations to thousands of people at St James Hospital.


When did you get involved with this organisation?

I became involved with the Hive back in 2020 when they required people at the Vaccine Centre.


What attracted you to this role & organisation?

Obviously at that time we were “stuck” indoors and by doing this I would be out of the house and also be meeting people and I am a people person.


What are your activities and what do they involve?

Obviously that experience has stopped but I want to continue to work with people at events. Last year I helped welcome people at the Chilli and Gin Festival. Guiding and helping is great.


What motivates you to stay involved?

My motivation is meeting others and not stagnating at home. This means I need get up, get out and be involved.


What have you personally gained from volunteering?

Personally the whole experience during lockdown helped me to remain sane, I think I was in the house all the time I would go backwards mentally. Now it is just helping to remain active and outgoing.


What would you say to anyone thinking about making the leap and volunteering themselves?

I think the simple statement is “Just do it.” By having a go you will gain so much as well as giving to others.


Do you have a message to share / anything else you’d like to say?

I hope that anyone who is interested will see the benefits for all and volunteer even if it is once in a while.


Feeling inspired to volunteer? Click the link below to get started! 


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