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We are an award-winning mentoring charity working in Portsmouth and the surrounding area. Our work involves mentoring young men aged 18-25, either already in or in danger of becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

We need emotionally mature men to mentor young men aged 18-25yrs, either already in or in danger of becoming involved in the criminal justice system. We also work with care leavers and other vulnerable young men, usually on a referral basis. We offer two levels of mentoring. At level 1, you will be required to undergo a 6-week training program, meeting for up to an hour a week with one of our fully trained mentors, before undertaking our weekend (Sat+Sunday - non-residential) mentor training. After a DBS check, you will then be able a young man, taking up to an hour a week on our ten-week program for young men. You will also be required to attend a support meeting of up to an hour every week. Should you wish to move on to our Level 2 mentoring program, as a volunteer, you will be required to do a residential primary training weekend (5pm Friday to 3pm Sunday), with another weekend (Sat+Sunday - non-residential) mentor training. This will allow men to support younger men on our Quest program, which entails supporting younger men either on Level 1 (10 weeks) or Level 2 programs (12 weeks + 3 day residential weekend), There will also be regular weekly meetings on a weekday evening. All this is offered at no cost. All we require is your commitment to mentor a young man.

*This is a long term commitment over years and not something that is over and done with in a few weeks or so, and involves building a community by regularly attending meetings and staffing other events to support the organisation as well as mentoring young men*


We have men from all walks of life take up the challenge. However, a key requirement is an ability to listen and to be open-minded about the world and the diversity of the men in it. We are a community building organisation, that seeks to support young men by giving them a healthy community to belong to. There are also a variety of skills needed in our daily operations as well as the mentoring roles, offering men additional ways to volunteer. For all roles, you will receive in depth training and support.

- this is a long term commitment 


  • Limited Physical Access
    We endeavour to be as inclusive as possible, however our weekends are held in open countryside, so you must bring suitable equipment to allow yourself to partake of the activities.
  • No criminal record (DBS) check required
    We do an enhanced check. Men with criminal records however, are welcome.
  • Not suitable for under 18's
    We work with 18+ and any man older.
  • Will require a criminal record check (DBS)
    This will be done by abandofbrothers. All mentors will be DBS checked, however we welcome those with lived experience of the CJS.
  • Will require references
    We may require references in some cases for some roles within the organisation.

When can I volunteer?

Start Date: 04/01/2021

End Date: 31/12/2024

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Morning No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Afternoon No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Evening Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Availability Details

For Level 1 mentoring, male volunteer mentors will be required to meet once a week with their mentee and attend weekly meetings for ten weeks. Total time up to 2 hours + any travel time to meet with mentee. For Level 2 mentoring, male volunteer mentors will be required staff the mentee initial training weekend, from 7.30pm Thursday to 5pm Sunday; meet once a week with their mentee, and attend weekly community meetings as well as an evening support call over a twelve week period. They will also have to undergo their own initial training weekend, (Sat/Sun, non residential) as well as mentor training and attendance at weekly meetings as often as is practicable out side of the Quest program. Total time for Level 2 mentoring is 3 days supporting residential, with up to 5 hours a week + travel time supporting the 12 week Quest program. Outside of this, 2.5 hrs for the weekly community meeting.


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