What are the good things happening in Portsmouth?

30 July 2018

A Social Action Plan for Portsmouth

The Portsmouth Together Partnership has been chosen as one of the 20 places to take part in the first phase of the Placed Based Social Action programme. This programme aims to support communities to put social action at the heart of plans which make a positive difference in the local area.  

Our Vision

“An inclusive city owned and led by the community, empowering people to take action to bring about sustainable change”.

What do we mean by social action?

Social action is about people coming together to help improve their lives and solve the problems that are important in their communities. It can include volunteering, giving money, community action or simple neighbourly acts.

Through the commitment and skill of citizens, social action can empower communities, help people in need, and complement public services. Taking part in social action is also associated with higher levels of well being, and can improve people’s confidence and skills.

We need your help?

We often get asked what’s wrong in our communities but we want to hear about what’s good in your neighbourhood and how we can build on that to make positive changes in Portsmouth. we will be consulting with a wide range of people during August and September to find out:

  • What are the good things that are happening now in the area you live?
  • What matters to you and your family?
  • How do you engage with other people in your community?
  • What  would you like to see happen that would make your neighbour a better place to live?
  • How do you think you and your neighbours can come together to solve problems important to you and your community?

If you are a number of a community group we would like to come and meet with your group and talk through these questions in more detail.

We also have an online  single question survey ( and you don’t  get many of those).

Our survey asks, “How can we together, with our neighbours and networks, create a city of citizens who share their time and skills to help make positive changes in Portsmouth?  Please click this link to take part 



What will we do with this information?

All the survey work is anonymous.  The survey answers are used purely to inform us on what is important to people of Portsmouth and find our about all the good work that is happening in our communities.  This will help us build an action plan that will enable much more of this good work to happen in Portsmouth


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