Big Help Out

27 March 2024

Join us at The Big Help Out the UK’s biggest volunteering day and make a positive change in our community where you will be joined by many other volunteers.

What is The Big Help Out?

In the middle of the pandemic millions of volunteers provided support to each other during one of the nation’s most challenging times, solidifying the role of volunteering as an important connector within communities.

However, since the end of the pandemic there was a noticeable decline in the volunteer engagement across the country.

The Together partners recognised this trend and took the opportunity to bring everyone together to contribute their time to meaningful non financial causes.

This led to the first event in May 2023, coinciding with the Coronation of His Majesty the King and Queen. It marked one of the largest volunteer events.


The objectives of this day is to:

Scale – Aims to empower millions of individuals to volunteer, whilst maintaining the 2023 legacy

Sustainability – Involves empowering & equipping organisations to transition from one-off volunteering efforts into sustainable engagement

Target – Aims to reach out to diverse communities that may require extra support to encourage and facilitate volunteering efforts

Save the date! Friday 7th – 9th June 2024 for the UK’s biggest volunteering day!

Find out more for The Big Help Out here:

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