More mentors needed as Activate programme expands

5 March 2017

‘Activate Mentoring’ is part of a wider volunteering initiative called, ‘Portsmouth Together’ that aims to find new and innovative ways to harness the power of volunteers to solve strategic city issues. Volunteer mentors are being recruited from across the business community to spend an hour a week, supporting a young person to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Students at schools are selected because they have demonstrated a high level of potential but would benefit from the input of a mentor to help them achieve what they are capable of.

Cath Longhurst, CEO of EBP believes that volunteering is a rewarding experience for all those involved, ‘Our EBP firmly believes in the value of volunteering and its benefits for people from all areas of life. Last year, we recorded more than 53,000 volunteering hours from local businesses who have consistently told us that volunteering benefits not only the young people who come into contact with business people, but also the businesses themselves and their employees. Staff often returns to work with renewed enthusiasm and a better understanding of their local community’.

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