How volunteering can boost your career

5 June 2023

Volunteering can provide a wealth of experience when looking for a paid job, or trying to boost your career. Not only can it help with your own confidence, but it can provide examples to transferrable skills that the workforce are looking for. Below is a list of ways that volunteering can boost your career in any stage of life:

  • Learn new transferrable skills that that recruiters need, such as: social media, working with children etc.
  • Volunteering can provide networking with charities in Portsmouth.
  • Feedback from our volunteers show that they have had personal growth through volunteering, with a boost in confidence and experience.
  • You would be able to learn from other volunteers around you who have personal expertise in the area you are volunteering in.
  • There may also be a possibility of training in your volunteering role which will be invaluable for your CV.

But do not take our word for it, see what some of the fantastic volunteers have said!


Amanda who volunteers for Loaves of love stated:

“It keeps all my social media skills current for my career, and I am discovering so much about my local community and learning loads.”

Amanda who volunteers at Loaves of Love


Chris who volunteers for various IT charities stated:

“I think there is a lot to be gained from volunteering such as meeting a wide variety of people, the satisfaction gained from helping them solve their problems, and as a consequence of this volunteers increase their knowledge at the same time.”


And Kristine who volunteers for HomeStart stated:

“Volunteering for Home Start has turned my life around, when I applied I had recently been made redundant and my confidence and self esteem and dropped massively, since volunteering that has all changed, my confidence and self esteem has grown and I have more faith in myself.”


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