Hants IWCF Funds Now Open!

26 June 2018

Please take a look at the Hants IWCF website to see if your organisation is eligible for a grant. For a quick view of the locations covered by the funds below, please go to http://www.hiwcf.com/grants/

Montagu Neville Durnford and Saint Leo Cawthan Memorial Trust provides grants of up to 5,000 to Portsmouth organisations, with a preference to support those over 50 years old, particularly with links to the Naval services. Projects focusing on helping those with disabilities or struggling with poverty and disadvantage will be considered, together with those encouraging community development and social inclusion.


Portsmouth City Community Fund provides grants of £500-£5,000 in Portsmouth City, to support a wide range of beneficiaries including young people and older people, focusing on health and disability, medical research and general community projects in Portsmouth City. Applications may also demonstrate disadvantage and need in the greater Portsmouth area.


#iwill is a Youth Social Action Fund awarding grants of £1,000-£5,000 across all of Hampshire and Isle of Wight, which encourage young people aged between 10 and 20 (up to 25 for disabled young people) to lead change and make a positive contribution to their communities. Social action involves activities such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering, all of which enable participants to make a positive difference in their local area. http://www.hiwcf.com/funds/youth-social-action/

Dayas Music Scholarship grants of up to £600 are available for musicians, particularly older individuals, in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton.  Grants will cover tuition costs for an individual which will allow them to progress their own music abilities, particularly if the tuition will also benefit a wider group, e.g. those performing in hospitals, schools or for other community events. Scholarships can cover tuition for playing an instrument, singing, conducting or composition.


Michael Austin Harlick Sports Awards provide grants of up to £1,000 to sport organisations in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton towards the cost of awards that recognise the sporting achievements of young people in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton, and are available to help with the purchase of challenge cups, individual medals, team award and colours.


Please apply online before 13th July 2018, we look forward to hearing from you. If you have any queries, please contact grantsadmin@hiwcf.com


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W:  www.hiwcf.com