Call to Action – Hive Portsmouth

18 March 2020

Call to action

HIVE Portsmouth is working with SOLENT NHSCCG and PCC together with the organisations across Portsmouth to provide a coordinated community response and one where we can protect individuals as much as possible.

Our initial priority will be working with the elderly and vulnerable who are advise to self-isolate and to this end we are:

  1. Working with the key organisations across the city whose main client group will be impacted
  2. Providing regular outbound calls/welfare checks
  3. Where needed providing prescription drop off support
  4. Helping with shopping/food deliveries
  5. Helping with ‘other’ issues such as dog walking
  6. Ensuring consistent messages across the City

We are currently evaluating what support already exists and where gaps will be and within the next couple of days, we will be issuing a call to action where people who can help and support will be able to notify us and we can then put them in touch with the right people.

Please check our homepage at for regular updates.

**UPDATE: If you are an organisation who is able to provide support please use the form here to get in touch. Thank you.

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