University Volunteering

The Careers and Employability Service (Formally Purple Door)

Undertaking volunteering and work experience is a great way to boost your CV and your confidence. It gives you a chance to try out your career ideas and gain real life work experience that you can use to stand out from your competitors.

The Careers and Employability Service work with over 100 local charities and not for profit organisations such as Hampshire Police, local theatres and the Citizens Advice Bureau, to source skilled roles to help you gain invaluable work experience.

We also promote one off opportunities for specific events or specialised roles, in finance, HR or Property Development for example where an organisation only want to hire one or two students.

All volunteering roles are advertised on our jobs board at Careers and Employability Service. Go to,experience,,internships,and,volunteering/ or come in to Careers and Employability Service view the paper based volunteering roles in our Volunteering bank.

UoP students can self record any volunteering they do via

Students Union

Volunteering at UPSU is open to everyone, from first-time to die-hard volunteers. To become a volunteer you need no previous experience or skills as getting involved throughout your time at University will give you everything you need.

At UPSU you can volunteer for one-off events, get involved in long-term opportunities like environmental projects or the Reading scheme, or you can approach us with a new idea for a project you would like to lead on and we will do our best to make it happen.

For more information please visit the UPSU website, or contact Thank you

UP For Sport

The University of Portsmouth’s UP For Sport scheme creates pathways for University students to use their sporting skills within the community. Students are recruited and provided with sports coaching qualifications, which are used to help develop sport in the local community.

UP for Sport uses sport as a tool to engage young people and give them the opportunity to interact with University students in a positive way. UP For Sport works to enhance student experience, give valuable experience to volunteers and develop volunteer skills for future employment.

More information on the scheme is available at .


From the 24th April 2015, outstanding applications for entry clearance or leave to enter as a student visitor will be considered under the Short-term Student rules.

On a Short-term Student visa you CANNOT undertake employment, either paid or unpaid.  However, holders of a Short-term Student visa may volunteer while in the UK provided that they:

  • do not have a contract of employment
  • do not take the place of an employee
  • do not receive payment (travel reimbursement and/or subsistence allowance is permitted)
  • do volunteer to help a charity or voluntary or public sector organisation

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