Track plastic waste in your local area

Job description

Tracking plastic waste in your local area by downloading the Jetsam app and photographing the plastic. It's as easy as that!

What is Jetsam?

Very little is known about the plastic waste on our beaches and in our cities; where it comes from, what form it takes and why it appears in certain weather conditions and not others. Jetsam asks the question: "Why don’t we know these things"?

We’re putting the power in your hands to find out .

Jetsam lets you to catalog the plastics that you see out and about, and helps us to gather the data that we need to make a difference.

How it works



Jetsam is a totally free app for your Android or iOS device, and downloading it only takes a few minutes. After you’ve downloaded Jetsam, you have complete access to the Jetsam community - you don’t even need to create an account to start contributing delicious data!



Yes, really! Jetsam doesn’t need you to alter your daily routine - you only need to be on the lookout for any plastic waste that you may see laying around. Taking your dog for a walk is the perfect opportunity to collect some data with Jetsam, and Fido will thank you for keeping things clean.



Every time you take a picture of plastics with Jetsam, we capture the location of that plastic waste. Don’t worry - we don’t track your location, just the position of those pesky plastics. The photo that you take is also uploaded to the Jetsam community, to support efforts around identifying types of waste.

We would love to hear if you have downloaded the app and used it, would be great to have some feedback to how easy it is so we can tell others. 

suitable for under 18's


You will need a smart phone with a working camera on it.


  • No criminal record (DBS) check required
  • Suitable for 14yr olds
  • Suitable for 15yr olds
  • Suitable for 16 year olds
  • Suitable for Families - (under 16's with an adult)
  • Suitable for Under 18's

When can I volunteer?

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Morning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Afternoon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Evening Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


This opportunity can be carried out whilst working from home.

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